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How to search for items
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How to search for items

Search Tips:


  • Searches always search for all the words in your request.
    • Searching [ soda sign ] will find only items with both soda AND sign contained within.

  • Exact search - Use quotes ( " " ) around your words. This will search ONLY for items that have the exact words in the exact order in which you have typed them.
    • If you search [ "soda sign" ], all items with the words "soda" and "sign" together will appear.
  • Ignored Words - Words such as: "the", "in", "and", "about" etc., as well as some words such as "bids", "shipping", "price", "reserve", etc. will always be ignored.
    • These are words that are in such a high percentage of items as to not be generally useful to refine your search.

  • Exclude words - Use a dash ( - ) before any word that you wish for a search to skip.
    • Searching [ daguerrotype -poitevin ] will match any daguerrotypes not made by Poitevin.

  • Special Characters - The search does not do any translations with special characters, you may wish to search with and without any accented characters to get the maximum number of matches.
    • Searching [ cloisonne ] will give different results than [ cloisonné ] .

Search Criteria

Keywords- searches all titles of items using keywords you enter that are associated with the items you are looking for. 
Search Description- searches both the title fields of items as well as the complete description.
Data Channels- searches the source of inventory from the provided dropdown box
Categories- searches inventory category from a list provided in a dropdown box.
Price Range- searches by any arbitrary price range.
Sale Date Range- This searches by any arbitrary date range.
Images - Select this checkbox "
Only display items with images" if you prefer to only see items that have images.

You may select one or a combination of the above criteria to complete your search. Once you have selected your search criteria click the Search button to bring back your search results.

  • 20 search results are displayed per page. The total number of pages is listed at the bottom of the screen. Clicking a page number will allow you to go directly to that page of search results.
  • Once a search has been completed you will have the ability to narrow your search results. On the left side of each search results page are several search criteria for narrowing your results.You may choose to narrow your search by keyword, or to narrow your search by a combination of other criteria.

    Keyword- If you used a keyword in your original search it will display here. You can enter a new keyword in this field
    Categories- A list of the inventory categories is displayed along with the total number of your current search results that match each category. You can select new search categories by checking the boxes.
    Data Channels- The number of your current results and each data source is displayed. You can select a new data source to narrow your search by checking the box.

    Once you have selected the criteria to narrow your results, click the Narrow Search button. Search results based on your revised criteria will come back.

In addition to narrowing your search results, you can sort them using the following criteria:

Price:Low to High- Sorts your search results from lowest priced to highest priced items.
Price:High to Low- Sorts your search results from highest priced to lowest priced items.
Only items with images- Displays only items from your search results that have images.


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How to search for items


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